TaeKwonDo Wembley, Martial Arts
TaeKwonDo Wembley, Martial Arts

TaeKwonDo Wembley, Martial Arts
TaeKwonDo Wembley, Martial Arts

TaeKwonDo Wembley, Martial Arts
TaeKwonDo Wembley, Martial Arts

TaeKwonDo Wembley, Martial Arts
TaeKwonDo Wembley, Martial Arts

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Welcome to the home of Wembley TaeKwon-Do

"Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself"


Welcome to Wembley TaeKwon-Do School. My name is Master Bryan and I hold the rank of 7th degree black belt.


At the club we teach practical self-defence and strive for the complete mental and physical development of the individual. We commit to providing a challenging yet enjoyable environment that allows for the growth of everyone who enters our school.


Our School has been running since the early 1990's and has enjoyed plenty of success over the years and maintains a reputation for quality pupils. We pride ourselves on teaching pure Tae Kwon-Do that was founded by Grandmaster General Choi 9th degree.


Our school is affiliated to the well-reputed British United Tae Kwon-Do Federation (B.U.T.F). Core to the association is the focus on technique and discipline that is instilled through repetition of exercises and drills until they are instinctive. To quote Bruce Lee: "I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practised one kick 10,000 times."


Though this art can often be testing many students who commit themselves can see their concentration levels increasing as well as their self confidence and physical aptitude. Our pupils also learn to work together in teams and push themselves as individuals to raise the levels of all fellow students.


We believe true skill is developed over time through hard work and determination (though improvements can be seen quickly) and therefore ask any would be pupil to show patience and not get frustrated or dissuaded by a perceived lack of immediate results. In this age of instant solutions and quick fixes people tend to lack the staying power required to go the distance. This applies to any art or walk of life and we encourage you to not be deceived into looking for shortcuts to success where there are none.


Typical classes are a mix of pad work, stamina and conditioning, sparring and patterns. Each aspect of the class is given in depth attention and is overseen by the experienced black belts and senior grades. Self-defence is at the core of the art and all of the above ties in with this in mind.

The aim is to teach our students that what they learn in the dojang (training hall), can be applied to all walks of life. This extends far beyond the purely physical and can help people find the balance, confidence and calm to deal with the various obstacles and stresses that face us daily.


We invite you to visit and see for yourself and look forward to welcoming you soon.