Mr Sunny Inamdar I Degree - Il Dan

TaeKwonDo Wembley, Martial Arts


Training since: 2001      Trained under: Master Bryan VII

TKD in a nutshell: Powerful art of self-defence utilising arms and feet. Training builds flexibility, speed and power and helps manage distance in confrontations.

How it will benefit you: Builds self-confidence, boosts fitness and well being and teaches practical self defence.

Club ethos: High standards, hard training in a safe and friendly environment. Practical skills and attention to detail.

Training TipFocus on your entire body as one machine working together rather than having a strong 'kick' or 'punch'. Harmonize your breathing with every movement and set targets so you can break them.




I started TaeKwonDo along with my older brother Jay when our dad found his old club still being run by Master Bryan. The main goal was to learn self defence and carry myself with confidence. As a child I had a lot of ‘excess’ energy and this was a great way to channel that in a positive way. Me and Jay were both lucky enough to have done some Tae Kwon Do in Uganda with Mr. Loketa Lee – a deadly all Africa gold medallist in TaeKwonDo at the age of 21. His skills and ability inspired me to continue learning when we moved back to the UK.


When I began, Wembley TaeKwonDo was predominantly full of adults. Looking at the vast age and size gap I did not want to anyone to think that I would be a hindrance or holding them back when we were working together. In all honesty this fear was unfounded. Everyone was very helpful and pushed me hard and this helped me to mature and sharpen myself quickly. The classes were still great fun but the challenge of keeping up with my peers was an extra incentive for me.


Whilst I started with a bang I was laid low by some injuries outside class that kept me from progressing for over a year. I ‘persevered’ and once I had recovered made sure I worked twice as hard to make up for lost time. I worked on my fitness and strength in and outside class and really learnt the value of discipline when trying to achieve any goal.


As my development continued I learnt to ensure my foundation techniques were strong so that everything else could build around a solid base. All techniques were learnt to add to the repertoire but always put into context about when these would be applicable.


I would like to thank my instructors for getting helping attain my black belt. Mr O’Connor for his never say die attitude and tough discipline. He would not compromise on the clubs standards and taught me the biggest limiting factor was your own self belief and to always attempt a task then ever utter ‘I cannot’.


Mr Clarke for his support and guidance through my senior gradings. Always there to offer his time and sparring against his great hand skills taught me the importance of keeping a tight guard – not that it stops him too often!


And finally Master Bryan for his guidance and support throughout. He showed me that there was no magic solution and the only secret to success was hard work and perseverance. He has led by example and proved that it is not necessary to be extremely strong or large to be able to do martial arts as long as your inner strength is there.


His humility and etiquette is a great lesson and shows the deeper aspects of martial artists and the positive impact we can have as people in society by how we conduct ourselves.


Since attaining my first degree I have begun training in other arts to further my knowledge. TaeKwonDo remains central to my skills and training I am currently working towards my II Dan.