Mr Derrick Clarke III Degree - Sam Dan

TaeKwonDo Wembley, Martial Arts

Training since:  1993     Trained under: Master Bryan VII

TKD in a nutshell: Not simply a hobby but a way of life.

How it will benefit you: Will help you to continually push yourself not only in TKD but in life in general. Personally it helped tame my temper.

Club ethos: We believe that you will take out what you put in. We hope to provide you with the framework for you to improve yourself through.

Training TipTrain outside the class for better results. A general workout each day for 20 to 30 minutes with a light stretch. The longer you do this the more supple and accomodating the body will become.




Mr Derrick has been a long standing student of Tae Kwon Do and recently attained his Instructors qualifications in the BUTF. He teaches the junior and senior classes regularly and is now a 4th Degree blackbelt.


He trains regularly at Wembley Tae Kwon Do and also runs his own club in Denham.


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