Master David Bryan VII Degree - Sahun Bryan Chill Dan

TaeKwonDo Wembley, Martial Arts

Trained under: Grandmaster Choy IX

TKD in a nutshell: Korean art of self defence that develops your fitness, confidence and hand-eye co-ordination regardless of age or gender.

How it will benefit you: Increase your fitness levels, (cariovascualr, muscle tone and flexibility) whilst learning how to defend yourself.

Club ethos: Enjoy training with other committed martial artists in a safe and friendly environment.

Training Tip: You take back what you put in. Train hard and the results will take care of themselves.




Master Bryan commenced his training in Earls Court under the guidance of Mr A De'Silva (II Dan) as a teenager prior to transferring to Camden Town TaeKwonDo School. Camden was being run by Grandmaster Choy who was a 2nd Dan at the time. Progressing through the ranks Master Bryan attained his black belt after Mr Choy entered him to grade in the UKTA grading held in Warwick. Standards in those days were tough and uncompromising and Master Bryan accomplished himself as a worthy black belt. When the BUTF formed soon after Master Bryan pledged his commitment since inception and opened the Wembley School soon after attaining his 3rd Dan.

For many, attaining the coveted black belt is the end goal. Once it has been accomplished, most move on to other things and in time loose those hard earned skills through lack of practise or training. For Master Bryan it was merely the beginning of a long and (continuing) journey.


Oftentimes you will see remarkably young black belts claiming to hold Senior or Master ranks. Those who are in the know refer to these as 'fast-tracked' or 'accelerated' dan grades. In truth each Dan signifies not just a knowledge of a particular pattern or style but the maturity, experience, wisdom and patience needed to truly be a senior black belt. This dedication is usually far beyond most and we can say confidently and proudly that Master Bryan has served his time and earned his stripes. For your own referrence the below is a rough guideline on the time / significance of of each dan grade:


Dans 1-3 - Junior Black belt level in terms of time served and experience.

Dans 4-6 - Senior Black belt 

Dans 7-9 - Honorary grades - based on time served, knowledge of art, conduct and contribution to the art in terms of black belts trained, clubs opened and efforts to raise profile of Tae Kwon Do in a positive manner.


Master Bryan's career in TaeKwonDo has focused less on the tournament scene - though he did distinhuish himself as part of the London & South East area team when they took on the might of the then 'UKTA'. Instead, like many practioners he has prefered to train for the aesthetic and beneficial aspects of the art. At the core of all eastern martial arts is the concept of mastering one's self. Training is used as a tool for self-development and therefore any comparisons on skills should only be with your 'former' self. His longevity, skills and ability are testament to this.


Those that know Master Bryan well will agree that he never seeks the limelight and is content to let fellow peers and students take centre stage. The humility of the man can be seen when he tells junior grades to thank the assistant instructors for helping them attain their grades rather then take any credit himself. It speaks volumes oh his Humility that many people who have known Master Bryan for many years do not know of his involvement in martial arts let alone his rank or pedigree!


True to the spirit of a teacher, when asked of some of his proudest moments he simply replied that the satisfaction of seeing some of his students rise through the ranks of the BUTF from white to black under him rather then any personal milestones or achievements.


Master Bryan continues to train and oversea the club actively and continues his journey in TaeKwonDo.

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