Club Etiquette

Wembley TaeKwonDo's 'club etiquette' rules are based on traditional martial arts protocol and decorum. They are designed to ensure the club remains respected, safe and pleasant for all our students and visitors. Please ensure they are always adhered to.

1. Respect

Bow whenever you enter or leave the Dojang. This is to signify respect to the art, training hall, instructors and fellow students.

2. Speech

Students should always treat each other with courtesy and respect both in and outside the hall. Instructors are to be referred to as either 'Sir/Ma'am' or by surname. I.e. Master Bryan.

3. Behaviour

Do not be disruptive. This includes 'horseplay' and fooling around or carrying on with distracting and loud conversations. It is especially rude to talk whilst the instructors are teaching. This is disrespectful to club and interrupts the concentration and enjoyment of all students. Ultimately your own time is wasted.

4. Presentation

Always come to the class clean and well groomed. Your uniform should be ironed, clean and neat. A plain white t-shirt or vest can be worn under the uniform but no other colour or design should be visible. All jewellery (earrings, necklaces, rings, watches etc) must be removed.

5. Hygiene

Ensure feet and hands are washed and nails kept trimmed. This prevents injuries to fellow students. Please bring hand towels for perspiration and deodorant to be considerate of fellow members.

6. Time-keeping

Students must be ready to begin training at their relevant start times. This means students should arrive at least 5-10 minutes early to ensure they can change and be ready to start immediately. If you arrive late, get changed, warm-up quietly to the side and wait for an instructor to call you in. Never join without permission.

7. Taking breaks & Leaving

If you need to take a break or leave class early ask permission before leaving the hall. Never wonder of without bowing. Bow again when you join.

8. Demonstrations

The techniques taught in the class are for your own self-defence. These should never be used to show-off, boast or be misused. Self-defence should be used as a last resort and any student found to be abusing their teachings will run the risk of being barred from further training.

9. Visitors & Guests

Visitors and their children should remain quietly in the designated areas and not disturb those who are training. Please wait for an instructor to approach you before asking any questions.

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