"There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs"
Wembley TKD About Us


Wembley TaeKwon-Do was founded in the early 90’s by Master Bryan (then a III Dan) & Mr Pepper (II Dan). Over the years Wembley has developed a reputation for quality, often punching above our weight in tournaments against larger clubs and a focus on technical skills rather than a reliance on brute force.

Whilst Mr Pepper had to step down from teaching due to work commitments, Master Bryan has ensured the club has continued to run with the same high standards and attention to detail that were passed down to him from his instructors (see Lineage).


Master Bryan has always worked on the principle that quality far outweighs quantity, and will personally review students one on one where he feels necessary. All that is expected from our students is the right attitude, and a willingness to work hard. The instructors will do their utmost to help all members reach their full potential.


As with anything, students can expect to take out what they put in. We hope that over time, personal development, increased focus, discipline and a greater sense of health and confidence are achieved through regular training.

The club also strongly believes in improving how we conduct ourselves both in and outside the training hall and all students are expected to treat each other with courtesy and respect (see Tenets).


Newcomers are welcome (regardless of age, gender or ability) and no prior experience or training is necessary. Every member was once a beginner so we understand any worries you may have. Just bring some comfortable loose clothing, relax and enjoy the challenge.

Class Structure


Classes are always varied and challenging. The core syllabus can be categorized into 3 main elements. These are Fitness, Sparring and Patterns. We encourage students to train for a few months to see the variety of the sessions as focus on certain areas will be adjusted based on upcoming exams, tournaments etc and to not make any hasty judgements on the kind of training the club under takes regularly. The same can be said of any art or club you may visit so please bear this in mind.

With 4 black belts currently active at the club, there is a wide range of experience to draw upon as overseen by Master Bryan. Typically a class involves a good warm-up and stretch followed by some fitness work. Students that have been around for over 10 years can testify to still performing new drills and exercises! Fitness work includes but is not limited to:

Pad Work                     Interval Training                    Cardio Circuits & Plyometrics *                   Sparring


Stretching                   Stamina work                         Martial arts drills**

*Various fitness drills utilising training and resistance against one's own weight or with other students. 

**These exercises focus on specific muscle strength, conditioning and flexibility required to develop skills in Tae Kwon Do. This can be speed drills, reflexes, leg work, striking power, conditioning and strengthening.